PLUS ULTRA's mission is to reimagine the products we all use each day to ensure that they won’t be here on the planet forever. 

Our debut product, bamboo toothbrushes, was developed to address the global crisis of plastic pollution.



Christina Ramirez came up with the idea for starting a bamboo toothbrush company as part of an assignment for her Global Studies major at UCSB. It wasn’t until years later while looking over distribution data for toothbrushes from behind her desk at News Corp that her school project became her mission and her dream. 

Over 167 million toothbrushes were being bought each year in the United States alone. The image of all those plastic toothbrushes piling up across the planet set Christina in motion to reduce plastic waste by redefining the conventional image of a toothbrush. And this was the beginning of what would eventually become PLUS ULTRA.

Christina started her research and product development by getting a job on the ground floor of the most respected, conscious grocer in the country, Whole Foods Market. It was there she learned what consumers wanted, what sold and how a big retailer worked. Armed with that information she began speaking with dentists from UCLA and USC about toothbrush design, which she then took to China where she began sourcing materials and building a supply chain.

In early 2012, Christina teamed up with Brand Strategist and Creative Director, Lenore Mason, and PLUS ULTRA was born. PLUS ULTRA means “further beyond” in Latin. It's the national motto of Spain and the directive that Queen Isabella gave Christopher Columbus as he set out to find the New World. Today, it is the mantra we've adopted to inspire innovation and to remind us to do better. 

PLUS ULTRA was created as a brand committed to creating common sense products that support positive change, transcend functionality and serve the greater good through sustainability, eco-conscious production, or philanthropy.

In December of 2012, PLUS ULTRA bamboo toothbrushes launched in Whole Foods Markets throughout greater Los Angeles. Today, toothbrushes for both adults and kids are available in Whole Foods Markets, Thrive Market, Erewhon Natural Foods, Mother's Markets, Natural Grocers, Vitamin Cottage, and independent grocery stores across 20 states. 

The company continues to refine their products by looking for more eco-friendly materials, vendors and practices. PLUS ULTRA's vision is to expand its offerings to include more items that are used daily and produce those items in ways that are environmentally conscious and sustainable. 


We believe that everything is connected and that we have a responsibility to support our planet’s health and happiness. We aspire to innovation and constant improvement. We believe in doing our best and then doing better.

Whether it’s through contributing to a worthy cause, doing our part to reduce the carbon footprint or bringing people joy, PLUS ULTRA aspires to offer good products and good ideas.



Our company's first moments were inspired by looking at an object we've been familiar with in a new way. The characters in our logo are all universal symbols that most people know. We have redefined them to represent the values and mission of our company.