PLUS ULTRA Featured in Microsoft's Youthspark Program

In the early days of the brand, PLUS ULTRA was honored to be a part of Microsoft's Youthspark program. The initiative was produced by GOOD Magazine and was designed to inspire young entrepreneurs. 

Since it's inception, PLUS ULTRA has grown and changed. We've improved our product and our supply chain. We're now using paper certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and Forest Stewardship and printing it with plant based inks. We replaced our inner plastic sleeve with Bio-PET, a material that is 30% sugar and 70% PET.

Another big change we made was that we used to promote our product as being 100% biodegradable. We learned that even if we used compostable bristles that nylon isn't something we want in our soil. 

PLUS ULTRA is still aspiring to be an zero-waste toothbrush - but we're not there yet. If you have ideas let us know! All this being said we still like sharing this video because we love encouraging people to follow their dreams, like Christina did.