5 things I learned from...doing business at the intersection of purpose and profit

Christina Ramirez

Swell Investing Interviews Founder/CEO Christina Ramirez

Swell Investing is an impact investing platform that aims to deliver profit as well as purpose. 


5 Things I've learned from running an ethical business

1. We’re blurring traditional retail’s boundaries

For me, the most exciting part is witnessing the two categories merge. In the past, health and beauty were viewed separately and treated as such: Vitamins and toothbrushes were health, and moisturizers and natural makeup were beauty. Consumers and retailers now see that the two go hand in hand! Beauty begins with good health, so I'm really happy to see and experience more beauty retailers expanding into health and wellness products. It’s great news for all of us, whether we’re in the industry or buying the products.  

2. Small changes add up

As a company, we've prevented around 1,000 tons of plastic from being thrown into our oceans! Aside from PLUS ULTRA, I personally do my part by refusing single use plastics everywhere I go. From grocery store plastic produce bags to plastic straws, cups, and to-go containers at restaurants. If I think it's wasteful, I'll just say no thanks!  

3. It’s going to be hard, but keep going

Don’t be afraid to fail. It’ll make you stronger and help you to appreciate your victories that much more. Fail forward and learn from your mistakes.  Do not give up. You only truly fail when you quit. Keep going and stay flexible as your company grows.

4. If you want something done right, do it yourself

I developed our supply chain from the ground up and continue to oversee our production and quality control. When we first launched, I created a proprietary production process with my own set of high standards and testing procedures. We only work with factories and suppliers that I personally approve and that comply with our needs.

5. Be good at what you do, then on the next one

Our mantra is re-defining utility for the greater good, so our goal is to be the eco-friendly brand for all utility products in your bathroom and for your lifestyle. While other companies create waste with their products, we aim to reduce waste. You'll see us launch more utility products with bamboo, as well as other eco-logical materials.